M-Tex / Söderblom & Ström AB

M-Tex / Söderblom & Ström AB offer mold making and plastic industry the finest quality mold texturing, engraving, including high power laser engraving and high gloss polishing.

Mold Texturing


Texturing is a photographic process used to apply patterns to a mold surface. This process allows flexibility in creating the final appearance of your parts.


Our library contains an extensive selection of existing patterns. We also have the ability to produce custom patterns to meet your texturing needs.


Laser engraving


We offer engraving of molds and related components from cavity. Being highly skilled in such a diversity of engraving technologies allows us to process engraving projects cost effectively and fast.


It is the diversity in technology along the experienced hands that allows Söderblom & Ström AB to be the most responsive mold engraving source in Sweden.


Laser marking


We offer laser marking on stainless steel, aluminum and on plastic parts such as PC, ABS, PA, PMMA etc. with our YAG and CO2 laser machines



S&S,s polishing department assures you of the highest quality mold finishes, up to optical quality

We can provide mold polishing in-house for many types of surfaces but if a job entails work that cannot be completed in house, we will make arrangements to get the job completed at the customer.


Our serices

  • Mold Graining

  • Mold Texturing


  • Laser Engraving


  • Prototype Texturing


  • Micro Grain Process


  • Mold Polishing

M-Tex is the best answer to your products having a quality appearance. Our services include the following


Mould Texturing


Your products will be outstanding in the market with the various effects. The surfaces can have either a gloss or matt effect, with a choice of leather, stipples or geomatrical patterns. There is also the "hands-feel sensation" effect.


Our wide range of pattern selection can meet your products demand.


For technical information, contact our factory nearest your office.


Prototype Texturing


The latest texturing technology made it possible to apply directly to plastic parts. The simulating process saves time especially in the mould assemble process. The precise pattern or selected color can be pecfectly moulded in.


Pattern Development


Our development unit has a team of excellent design engineers. This M-Tex team meticulously researches and produces texture sample plaques, offering a wide diversified choices to meet the different industries' demands of our global customers.



Program Management


Our knowledgeable program managers will assist in providing necessary technical input and, monitor the critical timing of information to meet production dateline.


Digital Seamless Process


This digital seamless texturing process has the ability to produce high level complex texturing contours on surfaces. Any texture can be applied on all parts to meet your requirement.


Micro Grain Process


This process prevents your products with low gloss from light reflection and, also traps light from the textured plastic parts. It also helps to prevent wear from parts production.


Texture Repair


We have this group of highly skilled technicians to help repair all textures on damages. We can reduce depth of textures in some areas to prevent dragging. Gloss adjustment can also be obtained to meet your parts matching requirement Repair can be done on-site or in-house. Please do not attempt to repair or touch-up any damage yourself. Further damage can complicate existing problems. Call us immediately and we can provide the necessary advice to help rectify the damaged.

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