Mold graining - Texturing - Laser engraving

The M-Tex Group - Our company specialises in mold texturing services in the tooling industry.

We have one of the most artistic and skilfully experienced texture-designed and development team. For some of our exclusive customers, we have had accomplished a few major international features in the customised texture designs.

Our wide range of patterns can meet products functional requirements and appearance, thus increasing customers' demand.

All our clients will be provided free exquisite standard plaques. For specific information, please contact our international sales engineer.

M-tex Sweden , Härna 186, 523 99 Hökerum, Sweden, Tel: +46 33 274900, info@m-tex.se, www.m-tex.se, www.gvtsweden.se

Mold graining - Texturing - Laser engraving


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